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Strategic Planning

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

“Consistency with the right strategic plan is the ultimate key to success. Yesterday's action would never make up for today's procrastination.”  Edmond Mbiaka..


Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” 

John C. Maxwell


Essential Skills

Leadership Training

Essential Skills

“Soft skills get little respect, but will make or break your career.” Peggy Klaus

About Sherry


Sherry O'Boyle, M.Ed., CPHQ, CCT Principal Training Consultant

Sherry received her master's degree from Oregon State University and has been working in organizational training and development for the past 15 years. Partnering with your companies and organizations, she provides the tools to create exceptional leaders and efficient, energetic teams.


Areas of Specific Expertise

Sherry is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality and has a Green Belt in Lean Leadership from the Liker Lean Leadership Institute (Jeffrey Liker, PhD).

She has a passion for person-driven continuous improvement and guiding teams as they collaborate through change. 


Sherry hails from beautiful Silverton, Oregon - one of the many gems of the gorgeous Willamette Vally. When she's not working with clients, she enjoys working her way up through the ranks in Kenpo Karate and walking her little rescue dog, Zeke, She also enjoys snorkeling, bicycling, and most outdoor activities. Her favorite weekend activity is spending time with her spouse, children and grandchildren, and participating in her local church. 



Introductory Consultation

Propel Workforce Solutions offers a complimentary one-hour service to begin to assess your organization's training needs. 

If training won't meet those needs, Sherry will tell you. No one wants training just for training's sake.


Hourly Consultations

Available on an hourly basis for 

consultation and coaching.  


Customized Training and Consultation Service

Whether it is leadership and supervisory training, essential soft skills, Lean methods, and assessments like the HBDI, MBTI, DiSC, etc., Sherry offers complete customized training to best suit your company or organization's needs. 

Training Topics Include:

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the training I offer. Training is customized for your company or organization. If, when I determine your needs, you need other training, chances are that it can be created for you. Please contact me for more information.

Contact Sherry at Propel Workforce Solutions

Please feel free to reach out to me. I appreciate hearing from you.

How can I help?

I understand that each business's situation and needs are unique to them. Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon with some ideas.

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